Friday, 25 August 2017

When I Turn Back Time (Writing)

When I turn back time…
I am ten years old, and I’m at the zoo.  Boom! The path full of kids is bursting with excitement. “Get out of my way.”  The noise of the monkeys yells are defeating the majestic movements.  I sometimes widen my eyes to catch every movement.  Everywhere there’s a look and a yell like something is going to happen.

It’s nearly lunch time and I’m starving.  The flamingo cleans, so softly like delicate groomers.  Everything is soft, pink, fresh and clean, although strangely new again.

Children call from outside, “come on jump I dare you,” and they run away.  We stand with our mouths open as we see the monkeys parkour (leap from tree to tree like ninjas).

I love the zoo.

Friday, 9 June 2017

3 way conferences

this is my  3 way conferences for 2017  we maked slides of learning info for are parents. The best part is that it is student led. This was on yesterday Its like a meeting but about school and learning were i'm at in reading and stuff.