Monday, 18 June 2018


Purpose: to entertain
aldenice :blog
Rt: ?
Croc-o-rock was a normal crocodile, But there was one major difference
He was wandent,
for well being a crocodile in canada.
People souldend away from him in fear of getting eaten,
Croc didn't want to inflict any harm at all, not even a single fly.
But there was one man who looked at him with a smirk, instead of carving stakes and
sharpening his pitchforks “Why do you not run from me o-why”
said croc to the man
“Why should I” said the man “am I not searey to you” The man frowned
“Ove cause your not seary your just an old croc aren't you”
croc had a questioning face
“But why i'm searey and rotten and most of all wanted”
the man shrugged his head back and forth.
“Look not all crocs are bad, I think you're rad!”
The croc still was ashamed of himself. “Cheer up buddy what's to be ashamed of”
Croc went home will a bit of joy in his head.
You he went to bed and awoke to a rising sun.

Friday, 25 May 2018