Friday, 17 November 2017

Tinker Cad Phone Case

Screenshot 2017-11-15 at 1.46.29 PM.pngHello People Of The Blogger net How Are Ya, Well I'm good And If You See My Blog I've Done This Tinker cad, As You Can See This Is A Phone Case Design It Was Quite Hard I Had A Lot Of Help To Do This  Was Not Easy, We Had To Crop And Crop Until It Could Fit A Phone But, This Wasn't My First Design But The Hardest Thing Was To Use Fillet. It's Where The Points Disappear, So I Had Two, Crop Crop Crop And, Baam Perfect. If You Are Reading This You Should Try This Here's The Link To The Website, Its Tinker cad If You Don't Know  Dream It, Try It ,Make It, We Had To Use A Corner Thing To Do The Fillet It Was SO Hard Any Ways,
And If I Had To Do This Again i Would Do A design And Make It Look Better. And If I print It and It doesn't work I would Have To Fix It. I think The Easiest Part Was Two Make The Block And The size .

Monday, 30 October 2017

Verbal Bullying

This Is Some Videos With Me And Freinds Saying That To STop Verbal Bullying What Can You Do To Stop It?

Friday, 25 August 2017

When I Turn Back Time (Writing)

When I turn back time…
I am ten years old, and I’m at the zoo.  Boom! The path full of kids is bursting with excitement. “Get out of my way.”  The noise of the monkeys yells are defeating the majestic movements.  I sometimes widen my eyes to catch every movement.  Everywhere there’s a look and a yell like something is going to happen.

It’s nearly lunch time and I’m starving.  The flamingo cleans, so softly like delicate groomers.  Everything is soft, pink, fresh and clean, although strangely new again.

Children call from outside, “come on jump I dare you,” and they run away.  We stand with our mouths open as we see the monkeys parkour (leap from tree to tree like ninjas).

I love the zoo.